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Mono -> Stereo in VST

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2015 01:49PM EDT
If you are trying to use one of our stereo plugins on a mono audio track in Cubase, Sonar, or Studio One, you will find that these platforms do not perform the mono -> stereo processing that is required. To get around this, you will have to insert the plug-in on a stereo send and send your mono audio track to it. In Cubase, this could be a FX Channel Track or a stereo Group Track. In Studio One this could be an FX Channel or a Bus Channel. In Sonar you can use a Stereo Bus. The affected plugins are Panman, Little Microshift, EchoBoy, Crystallizer, and PhaseMistress, and Tremolator. This is a host-related issue, for now there is no in-track mono->stereo conversion in these programs. You should check with the company that produces your host application to see if they have a timeline for adding this feature. Ableton Live supports mono->stereo functionality for VST plug-ins.