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Soundtoys 5 Upgrade Info

Last Updated: Nov 06, 2015 11:43AM EST
 Try before you buy!
We recommend trying out the demo before you upgrade to ensure that Soundtoys 5 is working on your system before turning in your version 4 licenses. 

Multi-product upgrades:
  • Your Soundtoys account will provide you with a customized upgrade and/or crossgrade price, if there are any available to you. This price will factor in all of your Soundtoys licenses that are eligible to count towards a multi-product upgrade.
  • Prices are based on which Soundtoys products you already own.
  • When you "trade in" your products for upgrade they will be immediately revoked and replaced with the version 5 equivalents, which you will need to install and activate to keep working. 
  • We take session recall very seriously. Please check out this article for more information.
Free upgrades:
  • Soundtoys products purchased on or after October 1, 2014 may be eligible for free upgrades. 
  • Check your account! Right at the top you'll see a "Free upgrade" box with a link to claim that upgrade.
  • Free upgrades will be available until December 31, 2015. Act fast!
  • If you believe you should have a free upgrade and are not seeing one, please contact support.
Individual product upgrades:
  • Individual product upgrade prices will be displayed below the installers for that product in your account.
Can I keep Native Effects V4 after upgrading?
The upgrade to Soundtoys 5 will revoke any licenses used towards the reduced price. We can offer time-limited NFRs for Native Effects V4 owners on a case-by-case basis to assist users on projects that were affected directly by one of the changes that we made for Soundtoys 5, but if you wish to regularly run Native Effects V4 alongside Soundtoys 5 (which is not recommended), then you should purchase the Soundtoys 5 bundle directly, rather than upgrade, to preserve your Native Effects V4 license. You could always upgrade your Native Effects V4 license later and sell the bundle to make up the cost, if that is the concerns.

Soundtoys TDM Effects (bundle) users: 
If you are crossgrading from a Soundtoys TDM Effects bundle to Soundtoys 5, you will lose access to the TDM format plug-ins, including all access to the TDM-only plug-ins (Soundblender, PurePitch, and Pitch Doctor). If you need to maintain access to the TDM-only plug-ins (Soundblender, PurePitch, Pitch Doctor) after upgrading to Soundtoys 5, please write into support.

Soundblender, PurePitch, and Pitch Doctor (individual license) users:
If you want to keep using these plug-ins, you should not use them towards your Soundtoys 5 upgrade. We will not redeposit individual TDM plug-in licenses that were used towards a discounted Soundtoys 5 upgrade price.

Speed will not be included in Soundtoys 5. If you are upgrading to Soundtoys 5 from a bundle that included Speed and still need access to that plug-in, please contact support to get an older authorization/installer for the last available version of that plug-in. 

Relevant Terminology:
Crossgrade: upgrading to a new product in a different product line (TDM Effects V4 -> Soundtoys 5, or Soundtoys Academic V4 -> Soundtoys 5)
Upgrade: trading in one product for the newer version of that product (EchoBoy V4 -> EchoBoy 5, Native Effects V4 -> Soundtoys 5)