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SoundBlender, PurePitch, & PitchDoctor: AAX, Native, Future?

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2015 03:59PM EDT
These plug-ins only work on Avid/Digidesign Pro Tools HD systems with TDM DSP cards. Period. No native, no HDX, not any other place. That has always been the case.

So to get this out of the way first... Will we have AAX or Native (VST/AudioUnits) for these plug-ins? Most likely not. Why? Simply put, because it's a huge undertaking of resources and time to go back into that old code and try to get it into a completely different format.

We are looking into porting elements of those plug-ins or making new versions of some of the processes because the technology is something we want to move forward with, but it will likely be in brand new plug-ins and not ported versions of the originals.

Even porting to AAX DSP for HDX is a complete rewrite of the code. So that is also very unlikely.

Where does that leave these plug-ins? Well since Avid (DigiDesign) decided they needed to move to a totally new architecture on a totally new chip, and eliminate TDM with no way to access or bridge, then these plug-ins are stuck where they are. They work on TDM based Pro Tools systems in Pro Tools 10 or earlier, but are no longer available for sale through our site.

SoundBlender (PitchBlender & TimeBlender), PurePitch, and PitchDoctor were all developed a long time ago exclusively for DigiDesign's TDM based hardware systems. They required the external DSP chips of those cards. They did not have native versions mostly because, back in the day, native simply didn't have the power to run them. It's just code, right? Why can't you just change it to work? Imagine writing several novels, and then 15 years later having to go back and rewrite it with all the slang and vernacular of the day from a town you don't live in. First, it's a huge task. Second, it's no fun because you've already done it. Third, doesn't it seem like something new would be better?