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Basic Soundtoys Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2019 05:13PM EDT
Having issues with our software? Here are some basic fixes that we use for a variety of issues:

Uninstall / Reinstall
Purpose: Repair broken permissions, fix corrupted files, and remove old versions of our software

1) Close out of all host software (Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, etc.)
2) Uninstall your plug-ins
3) Open up your host software and ensure that the plug-ins no longer show up in the inserts list. If the plug-ins are still present, locate the files on your computer and remove them manually. Once they no longer show up in your DAW (after restarting it), move on to step 4. 
4) Close out of all host software
5) Log into and download the latest installers for your plug-ins.
6) Run those installers and fire up your host program.
7) To confirm, ensure that your host program is reading the latest version of our software.

iLok USB Key Synchronization
Purpose: fix iLok USB-related errors
If you receive a message telling you to activate your licenses again, follow these steps. 

Fix iLok USB connectivity
If your iLok USB key cannot connect to your computer, try plugging it in through a powered USB 2.0 hub - this will increase the likelihood that the iLok USB will connect to the computer. Once it is synced, it should be able to be plugged back into the computer's USB port for use.

Repair your computer's hard-drive
Purpose: Repair permissions on your computer.
Instructions: Mac & Windows

Run your host software as an administrator (Windows-only)
Purpose: This can fix a variety of issues that result in crashing or error messages on Windows DAWs that are loading our plug-ins for the first time.
1) Close out of your host program (Pro Tools, Cubase, etc.)
2) Right-click on the icon for that host program and select "Run as an Administrator." You will only have to do this one time, meaning you can open up the host program normally the next time. If you still get crashes or error messages, please write into our support team.

Make sure your installer matches your license
Make sure the installer you are using is a match to the product that’s authorized to your account. For example, if you have EchoBoy V5 activated to your account, but are using an EchoBoy V4 installer, that won't work.