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I just bought plugins on your site. What do I do now?

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 06:00PM EST
New Licenses with Activation Codes
When you purchase a plug-in on our site, we send you a 30-digit iLok Activation Code. You do not need an iLok account to redeem this code, but you will need one if you want to activate a second location and to find your downloads in your Soundtoys account. Click here for instructions on how to redeem that code and activate your license. 

If you've already used your activation code and activated your software, but it's not in your iLok account, click here for instructions on how to fix this.

Upgrades and Academic License Purchases
When you purchase any upgrade or an Academic license through our site, we deposit a license for the product directly into the iLok account associated with your Soundtoys account. When you log into, you will see the installers for each license that you have in the associated iLok account.

Something else?
If you purchased through a dealer, you will have received a 10-digit serial number and will need an iLok account to get your license. Click here for instructions on redeeming your serial number.

Click here and scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to activate your license to your computer or iLok USB key.

Downloads not showing up in your account? These are some things that could have happened:
  • Your iLok user ID listed on your Soundtoys account is incorrect. Double check you entered the correct iLok user ID (your "username" for the iLok License Manager and
  • There was a mistake in registering your license to your iLok account.
  • There was an issue processing your order.
For any of these cases, please write into our support form so we can help out.