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License Activation with the iLok License Manager

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2019 01:47PM EDT

If you already have a Soundtoys license in your iLok account but it needs to be activated, please follow these steps:

  1. Launch the iLok License Manager (ILM) application and log in.
  2. If you are activating to an iLok USB, make sure it is plugged into a USB port on your computer, and then make sure it shows in the left panel within the ILM as shown below.

    Figure 1: Left-side of the iLok License Manager window showing activation locations.

  3. Find the license for your Soundtoys product in the box in the main window. You may need to click your username (under the ILM logo) and the "Available Licenses" tab at the top of the main window. It should be highlighted in blue as shown below.

    Figure 2: The user name is highlighted in blue which means you are viewing your full account, rather than the activations on a particular device.

    Figure 3: Filters for your license view. "All Licenses" will give you everything included expired licenses, and "Available" will give you licenses that can be activated.

    Figure 4: Viewing your licenses. This is everything that the Soundtoys 5.3 bundle contains. The selection at the top can be dragged and dropped onto a location, or activated by right-clicking.

  4. Drag & drop that license to your computer or iLok USB key tab in the sidebar of the ILM.
  5. Make some music!

Here are animations of the drag & drop and right-click activation methods that you can do in the iLok License Manager:


Figure 5: Activation with drag & drop.

Figure 6: Activation by right-clicking.