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How do I use Soundtoys on an offline computer?

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2019 01:40PM EDT
How to use Soundtoys plug-ins on a computer with no internet connection.

  1. Use an online computer to download the Soundtoys installer(s) from, along with the latest version of the iLok License Manager software installer.
  2. Transfer those installers to your offline computer with an external storage device (ex. flashdrive, harddrive). 
  3. Run the installers on the offline computer to complete the installation.
License activation:
  1. Computer-based authorization is not an option for offline computers (unless you are able/willing to put your computer online temporarily to activate directly to your machine.)
  2. Use an online computer to install the iLok License Manager software, log in with your account details, and transfer the license to an iLok USB key.
  3. Plug that iLok USB Key into your offline computer, and your plug-in will be activated.