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Will my sessions load after upgrading to Soundtoys 5?

Last Updated: May 24, 2016 04:16PM EDT
Soundtoys 5 is backwards compatible with sessions saved with earlier versions of Soundtoys plug-ins, meaning that your sessions will load fine after installing Soundtoys 5, assuming you are using a supported host platform. If you concerned about session compatibility, please try out our free 30-day demo before making your purchase. Once you upgrade to Soundtoys 5, any licenses that you are trading in will no be longer available, so you will need to install and activate Soundtoys 5 to keep working with our plug-ins.

Here are the known caveats with upgrades and session compatibility:

We no longer support RTAS. If you are using Pro Tools 10.3.5 or later, your sessions will recall correctly, since any RTAS inserts of Soundtoys plug-ins will be automatically replaced with the equivalent AAX version. If you are using Pro Tools 10.0.0 - 10.3.4, you will need to update to Pro Tools 10.3.5 or later in order to use Soundtoys 5. If you are still using Pro Tools 9 or earlier, your sessions will not load with Soundtoys 5. 

TDM Plug-ins:
If you are trading in your TDM Effects V4 license to get Soundtoys 5, you will lose the ability to load Soundblender, PurePitch, Pitch Doctor, and Speed, which are not included in Soundtoys 5. If you need to continue using these plug-ins, please send a message to support so we can issue you a replacement license for TDM Effects V4 so you can continue using these plug-ins. Co-install of V4 and V5 is not supported. For example, EchoBoy TDM V4 and EchoBoy AAX Native V5 cannot be run side-by-side.

If you want to continue using primarily TDM versions, we do not recommend that you upgrade to Soundtoys 5 at this time. Alternatively, you could upgrade to take advantage of the introductory pricing, and use the replacement TDM license until you are no longer using your TDM system.

Known Recall Anomalies:
  • Crystallizer and EchoBoy now have longer delay times and an amazing analog-style pitch-slewing effect when automated. Automation that was created on EchoBoy's "Echo Time" or Crystallizer's "Splice" or "Delay" knobs will now have a pitch slewing effect, and will also scale to a different value than V4 was set at. We recommend re-drawing those automation lines to preserve the same delay values. Those knobs now span from 0.1ms to 20000ms, whereas before their respective max values were 2500ms, 2050ms, and 2050ms.
    • This means your delay time possibility is now 10-fold what it was before and the delay changes sounds more authentic and awesome.
    • This also means that sessions that automated those parameters will sound a bit different in version 5, and is something you should be aware of before upgrading.
  • Instances of FilterFreak, Tremolator, PhaseMistress, and PanMan that were set to "Digital" mode will now be set to "Op-Amp." There is no more "Analog Mode" option.
  • Radiator's "Clean" mode now completely suppresses the analog-style hiss. In the previous version of Radiator, even the "Clean" mode had some noise. Now it's actually clean.