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Important Information for 32-bit Users

Last Updated: Nov 02, 2016 04:27PM EDT

If you are experiencing freezing or crashes in your 32-bit host application when inserting a Soundtoys plug-in or re-opening a session, please download and install version 5.1.1 of your Soundtoys product(s) from your Soundtoys account.

You can read more about the 5.1.1 release, and all of our releases, on our release log.

EDITOR'S NOTE: You may still run into memory limitations on sessions with large amounts of audio and/or plug-ins. This is a limitation of the 32-bit architecture, and not our plug-ins. Soundtoys 5.1.1 fixed an issue that was causing our plug-ins to take up more memory than usual, but 32-bit host applications (including Pro Tools 10) do still have a memory limit of between 2 and 4 GB of your computer's RAM. If you are still running into memory limitations after updating to Soundtoys 5.1.1, please consider updating your host application to 64-bit. If you are confused by all of this and want to talk to somebody, our support team is here for you.