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There are Soundtoys and SoundToys folders in my DAW....

Last Updated: Dec 01, 2016 01:19PM EST
Recently, we made the "T" in Soundtoys lowercase, but Audio Unit hosts have had some trouble keeping up with us. To fix this duplicated folder problem, you'll need to clear your Audio Unit cache by following these steps:
  1. First, make sure you can view hidden folders in your finder:
    1. Open up the Terminal from Finder / Applications / Utilities
    2. Paste this into the Terminal: defaults write
    3. Press "Enter" on your keyboard
    4. ALT + Click on your Finder logo in the dock at the bottom of  your screen, and hit "Relaunch"
  2. Delete the following folder from your Finder: Macintosh HD / Users / <Username> / Library / Caches / AudioUnitCache
  3. Restart your Audio Unit host application (e.g. Logic X)
  4. Enjoy having only one Soundtoys folder!
Sidenote: If your DAW (DIgital Audio Workstation) supports both VST and AudioUnit plug-ins, you may see two "Soundtoys" folders (both with a lower-case "t"). That is because your DAW is finding and displaying both the VST and AU versions of our plug-ins. Most DAWs have the option of disabling one or the other in a preferences menu. If you need help with that, or have questions related to the various plug-in formats that we support (or don't support), please let us know.