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Registering a license to a Soundtoys account

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2019 03:22PM EST
Did you use an Activation Code to activate your Soundtoys plug-in? You can take a few steps to add that license to your account, which will get you a few benefits:
  • Get a discounted upgrade to Soundtoys 5
  • Activate to a second computer
  • Manage your activation locations (move between computers)
  • Access the latest installers
Follow these steps on the computer you have the plugin working on:
  • Create a FREE account if you don't already have one.
  • Log in to the iLok License Manager application with your new account. Don't have it? Download here.
  • Click the name of your computer in the list of devices under the "Local" tab on left-hand side of the application.
  • Find your license in the main window. 

  • Right-click on the license and click "Take Ownership"

  • You're done! Your license is now in your account, which will be reflected in your Soundtoys account.

  • If you can't find the license in the main window, click on your device's name on the left in the "Local" box. Note that it's crucial to make sure you are on the computer the plugin is already working on.
  • If you still can't find it, or if the plugin has stopped working, please submit a support ticket so that our support agents can help you.