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Little AlterBoy Co-installation Guide

Last Updated: Nov 04, 2019 11:59AM EST
Prior to the Soundtoys 5.3.1 update, there was a channel desynchronization issue in Little AlterBoy (and PrimalTap's freeze mode) that could sometimes get triggered, causing a heavy phasing effect. Because this was an unintended effect, we fixed this in our 5.3.1 update. However, we've learned that the phasing effect is still coveted by some users.

This article discusses two ways you can preserve the older version of Little AlterBoy without missing out on updates in the other plugins.

Use an older Little AlterBoy version:
NOTE: Logic and Pro Tools users must use the above method since these hosts only support a single (real-time) plugin format, with the only exception being if you're using a third-party plugin host as a wrapper for other plugin formats.

Co-install by plugin format:‚Äč
If you use a DAW that supports multiple versions of plugins then you can reserve one format for the older version with the phase effect and the other version to be updated. This can be executed in different ways, depending on the DAW and OS you're using. To set up this co-install, you'll need to know where your plugins are installed, and you can find the default install locations in this article.

NOTE: Because this is not a standard installation, please keep in mind you may put yourself at risk of crashes or other bad behavior if your audio host has problems with this. That being said, we cannot officially support this configuration so please use this suggestion with your own discretion.
  • Decide which versions to split between:
    • On Mac, you can split this between the AU and VST formats if you use a DAW that supports both formats (Ableton, Studio One, Bitwig, Reaper, etc.)
    • On Windows, you can split this between the 32 and 64-bit versions of the plugins if you're using a DAW that supports both versions.
    • If you're using Logic/Pro Tools and you have a plugin host for wrapping other plugin formats, then you can split this between AU/AAX and another format.
  • Co-installation
    • Navigate to the folder of the Little AlterBoy version of which you want to preserve the phasing effect (the older version).
    • Copy or move the Little AlterBoy file to a different folder, such as the "Desktop".
    • Install the new version of Little AlterBoy or the Soundtoys 5 bundle.
    • Bring the older Little AlterBoy file back into the plugin folder, and allow it to overwrite the new one.
Now, you can decide which Little AlterBoy version you'd like to use, depending on the effect you're going for! 

Little AlterBoy 5.3.0 download links: