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Can I switch from an iLok license to an activation code?

Last Updated: Jan 02, 2020 05:23PM EST
This is not something we can offer because our activation codes are integrated into our webstore. The activation codes we use are part of the platform, and having the iLok software installed is still a requirement even if you're using an activation code without an account.

Using an activation code without an account only gives you limited control over your licenses. Furthermore, if it was possible to revert from a license to an activation code, you would be losing features such as having two activations, being able to change where the licenses are activated, accessing your downloads through your Soundtoys account, and having the option to upgrade individual licenses into a bundle license through your Soundtoys account.

If you did use an activation code without an iLok account, it's possible to register it to an account to get those listed features. This article shows you how to take ownership of your anonymous licenses.

For more information on iLok and activations, you can find other articles related to this here.

If you are having problems with your activations and need help or have further questions about this, please feel free to contact support by submitting a support ticket here.