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Playing Little AlterBoy with a MIDI controller.

Last Updated: Jan 24, 2017 10:48AM EST
​Which DAW do you use?
NOTE: This feature is not currently supported in Pro Tools 10.
If you follow these instructions, your MIDI keyboard will be able to automatically map to the "Pitch" knob of Little AlterBoy.

In "transpose" and "quantize" modes, this will allow you to play intervals. In "Robot" mode, it will allow you to play your vocal like a vocoder-style effect. 
1. Insert a "Software Instrument" track.                                                                                                             

2. Select "Little AlterBoy" from the list of MIDI-controlled AU Effects

3. Open up the window for Little AlterBoy (on the Software Instrument tracK) and select the audio you want to feed through it. 

4.Add other Audio Unit effects on the Software Instrument track - this is effectively your new audio buss for your audio track.
1. Insert a MIDI track, and click the little "I-O" button to the right of the master track to view your i/o settings.


2. Insert Little AlterBoy on the Audio or MIDI track that you want it to affect.

3. On your MIDI track, route your "MIDI To" your track that includes Little AlterBoy, and then select Little AlterBoy from the selector below that.

4. Record-enable your MIDI track, and then select your keyboard input in the MIDI settings of that track. My track is set to "All Ins."

NOTE: Little AlterBoy can reside on a MIDI or an Audio Track, but you will need to set up another MIDI track to be the controller track.
PRO TOOLS 11 & 12:
1. Insert Little AlterBoy on the track you want to be altered.

​2. Notice that it has a "MIDI Node" number.

3. Insert a MIDI track, and select the MIDI input in the "I/O" section in the Mixer. Mine is set to "All."

4. Route the MIDI output to the Little AlterBoy "node" that you want to control.
1. Insert Little AlterBoy on the track you want it to alter.

2. Insert a separate MIDI track in your session.

3. In the MIDI settings portion of the MIDI track's inspector, set the output to the instance of Little AlterBoy that you want to control. Set the input to whichever MIDI controller you want to use, or have it read all MIDI inputs.

4. Record-arm the MIDI track.

5. Play.