Setting up an Effect Rack license

This guide shows you how to set up the Effect Rack trial license that was recently offered. The sign-up for this offer has now ended, but for the first time, the Effect Rack is now available to purchase individually.

Important Information

The Effect Rack includes fourteen of our fully-featured plug-ins. This is the Soundtoys 5 Bundle minus the “Little” plug-ins, which include Little AlterBoy, Little Plate, and Devil-Loc. If you’re interested in a trial of these plug-ins, our standard 30-day Soundtoys 5 trial is still available here.  

The activation code you received for the limited-time Effect Rack promotion is different than the code that you would receive when purchasing a license. This one can be used up to three times allowing you to use it on three separate devices, being computers or iLok USB keys. In comparison, purchased activation codes for full licenses can be used only once, but the resulting license can be used on two devices.

These licenses will expire after June 30th, 2020.



Your download file should end in ".dmg". Open this file to find the actual installer called Install Effect Rack 5.pkg. Double-click this start the installation.

Figure 1: The installer inside the downloaded DMG file.


Your download file should end in ".exe", and you can double-click this to begin in the installation. We recommend that you use the default installation location because most DAWs recognize that automatically. If you get a message that says “A later version of this product is already installed” as shown below, you can ignore that because that just refers to the iLok License Manager. 

Figure 2: A message at the end of the Windows installer that you can ignore.


This will be done using the 30-digit activation code that was emailed to you after submitting the sign-up form. If you have trouble finding this email, check in your Promotions tab or spam folder for an email with the subject: Start using the Effect Rack!

The easiest way to use the activation code is in the activation pop-up window. This should appear after installation when you open your DAW, or try to use Effect Rack in your DAW.  If you have trouble getting this window to trigger, navigate to your DAW’s plug-in settings to rescan them. For more information on rescanning plug-ins please review this article

When the window appears, first click Activate.

Figure 3: The first page of the activation pop-up window.

Next, copy-and-paste your code into the boxes on the next page. You can copy the whole code and simply paste it into the first box.

Figure 4: Enter your activation code.

The next screen will ask for your email address. This is only used to associate your email with the activation code you used, and not for advertisements or marketing. If you have an account, you can use the check box there to register it to your account instead.

Figure 5: Enter an email address or register with your account.

Lastly, you will select an location for the activation. Usually this is your computer, but you can also select an iLok USB key if you have one. Simply click “Store” to choose the location.

Figure 6: Selecting a location.

Figure 7: The successful activation screen

You’re finished! Time to dive into the sonic possibilities that Effect Rack offers! 

Figure 8: The Soundtoys Effect Rack in action!

Further Information

Q: What happens at the end of the 90 days?
A: When the license expires, you will see the activation pop-up window appear again asking for authorization. If you don't provide authorization, then your session will not be able to load the Effect Rack inserts.
If you have not completed a trial of the full Soundtoys 5 bundle yet, you can use the Try button on this window to receive a standard 30-day Soundtoys 5 trial license, for which you can find a new installer in your Soundtoys account.
If you have already used up your trial license, you will have to purchase either an Effect Rack or Soundtoys 5 Bundle license, or uninstall Effect Rack.

Q: Can I purchase the Effect Rack alone?
A: Yes! You can purchase it here.

Q: I just purchased an Effect Rack license, and my limited-time license is still running. How do I activate the full license?
A: If you have an iLok account, you can redeem your purchased activation code with the iLok License manager. If you do not have an iLok account, you'll have to wait until the time-limited license runs out until you can use it.
We recommend using an iLok account for multiple reasons. You can find that information, plus instructions on using the code, in our guide Getting Started with an Activation Code.

Q: Can I try Little AlterBoy and Little Plate? / Can I try the full Soundtoys 5 bundle?
A: Yes, you can sign up for our standard 30-day trial here!

Q: Can I run the trial and this Effect Rack license at the same time?
A: Yes, you can run both at the same time, but once the trial license expires you will still only be able to use Effect Rack until June 30th. If you save sessions with other Soundtoys plugins you don't have a license for, they won't be able to load them until an activation is available.

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