Transferring a Soundtoys License to Another User

This guide is for people interested in transferring their purchased Soundtoys license to a different person via the platform, for various reasons including resale. Follow this guide to see how to do this. 

NOTE: If you own two separate iLok accounts and need to move Soundtoys licenses from one account to the other, we can offer a single transfer for free. Please contact support and let them know the details about the licenses you need moved and the iLok account User IDs/email addresses for help with this.

Important Information

Your license needs to be registered to an account before you can continue. If you do not have an iLok account you can create one here, and then read our guide How to register your licenses to your account. That guide may also help if you have an account but can't find your Soundtoys license(s) in there.

You do not need to deactivate the license from all of your devices to initiate and complete the transfer - once transferred, the license will automatically be deactivated from your devices.

NOTE: If you have a bundle license below Soundtoys 5.3, you will have some separate licenses for Sie-Q, EchoBoy Jr., and/or Little Plate. These belong to the Soundtoys 5 bundle but can only be transferred by our support team, so please contact us to transfer these licenses to the recipient. These should not be separated from the bundle, and if the recipient requests help because they do not have these licenses, we will have to remove them from your account and give them to the new user. This does not apply if you have attained one of these licenses separately from owning the bundle (meaning, you should have at least one extra to keep yourself).

License Transfer

Start by opening the iLok License Manager and logging in. If you do not have this installed on your computer anymore, you can download it here.

If you can't find the license, click on your user ID in the top left corner, and make sure you have "All Licenses" selected at the top. Once you find it, right-click the license and press the "Transfer" option to start the procedure. You can transfer multiple licenses if you select them together.

Figure 1: The "Transfer" option after right-clicking a license.

Enter your password to confirm your credentials.

Figure 2: Entering your password again, just to be safe!

Enter the iLok user ID of the recipient. Be sure to read the details here because this process is irreversible. If the user is unsure of their ID, it is shown next to the "Profile" icon under the iLok License Manager logo in the top left corner of the iLok License Manager. For this example, we're using "soundtoys.test" and transferring it to "soundtoys".

Figure 3: Entering the recipient's user ID.

Review the license(s) you are about to transfer.

Figure 4: The list of licenses to be transferred.

Next, your transfer fee will be calculated. A single license will cost $25 to transfer and two or more licenses will cost $50. Thus, it's best to transfer as many together as you can to keep these fees low.

Figure 5: The total cost of the transfer process.

The final pages will allow you to enter your payment information, submit it, and give you a confirmation of the transfer. 

The new user will then have the license in their account shortly, and we highly recommend you provide a link to our guide Getting Started with an iLok License to help them get started with the license. If their Soundtoys account is linked properly to their account, the download for the plugin will be available in their Soundtoys account.

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