Soundtoys 5 Academic Bundle FAQ

The Soundtoys 5 bundle is available at a discounted rate for students enrolled in an accredited institution or educators who use the plugins as tools in their teaching. For standard details and specifications you can visit the Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle page here. The following questions and answers aim to provide additional information.


Q: Can I upgrade to the Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle?
A: No, we do not offer upgrade paths to the Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle since it's already significantly discounted.

Q: Do you offer academic pricing on individual products?
A: No, the discount is only available with the full bundle.

Q: Do you retain my enrollment info and/or ID submitted with the order application?
A: Nope, those files get deleted once your request is approved or denied.

Q: Can I purchase more than one Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle license?
A: Not if you're a student. If you are a teacher or administrator setting up workstations at an institution, ask us about our site licensing and let us know how many seats you want to fill.


Q: Do I need to be studying music or audio production to qualify?
A: Nope! Any area of study at an accredited institution is fine. Educators on the other hand do need to be using audio software in their teaching to qualify for the discount.

Q: My enrollment info is not in English. Will you still accept it?
A: Yes, as long as there are dates confirming you're currently enrolled. Image-to-text and translation technology have gotten pretty good, so we can still get more details out of it if we need to.

Q: I just graduated a month ago, can I still get this discount?
A: We're sorry, but no. To be as fair as possible, we only accept orders that prove active enrollment.

Q: I'm not in school anymore, but my partner/relative/friend is and doesn't work with audio. Can I use their information but use my iLok account and still get the discount?
A: No.

Q: I'm a student of Life. Can I still get the discount?
A: Good one, but sorry no, that's not an accredited institution.


Q: I just submitted my enrollment documents. Where's my license?

A: We have to approve of your application first! Once we have verified your enrollment status, we will send an order invoice to your email with a link to complete your order. After your order is complete, you'll receive an activation code and a link to download the bundle. 

Q: Do you offer other payment methods than PayPal?

A: Yes, we do! With our new order process for the Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle, all major credit cards as well as Shop Pay, Google Pay, and Facebook Pay are accepted.

Licensing & Activation

Q: Will my Soundtoys 5 Academic license expire when I graduate?
A: Nope! We don't keep track of that information either. The Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle is a full, non-expiring license with only one additional restriction - it cannot be sold or transferred to another user's account.

Q: Can I use a Soundtoys Academic license on commercial projects?
A: Yes! There are no restrictions on how you can use Soundtoys 5 Academic. You are welcome to purchase Soundtoys 5 Academic while you are a student and use the plug-ins to mix the next Grammy Award-winning record.

Q: Does Soundtoys 5 Academic come with two activations?
A: Absolutely! The license operates just like all other Soundtoys 5 license, with the only restriction that it cannot be transferred to another user's account.


Q: I didn't realize I had licenses in two separate iLok accounts, and I'm trying to move them all to one. Can I have my license moved in this case?
A: Sure, just give the support team both of the iLok user ID's in question.

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