Soundtoys 5 Academic Bundle FAQ

The Soundtoys 5 bundle is available at a discounted rate for students enrolled in an accredited institution or educators who use the plugins as tools in their teaching. For standard details and specifications you can visit the Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle page here, or submit an order application here. The following questions and answers aim to provide additional information.


Q: Can I upgrade to the Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle?
A: No, we do not offer upgrade paths to the Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle since it's already significantly discounted.

Q: Do you offer academic pricing on individual products?
A: No, the discount is only available with the full bundle.

Q: Do you retain my enrollment info and/or ID submitted with the order application?
A: Nope, those files get deleted once your request is approved or denied.

Q: Can I purchase more than one Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle license?
A: Not if you're a student. If you are a teacher or administrator setting up workstations at an institution, ask us about our site licensing and let us know how many seats you want to fill.


Q: Do I need to be studying music or audio production to qualify?
A: Nope! Any area of study at an accredited institution is fine. Educators on the other hand do need to be using audio software in their teaching to qualify for the discount.

Q: My enrollment info is not in English. Will you still accept it?
A: Yes, as long as there are dates confirming you're currently enrolled. Image-to-text and translation technology have gotten pretty good, so we can still get more details out of it if we need to.

Q: I just graduated a month ago, can I still get this discount?
A: We're sorry, but no. To be as fair as possible, we only accept orders that prove active enrollment.

Q: I'm not in school anymore, but my partner/relative/friend is and doesn't work with audio. Can I use their information but use my iLok account and still get the discount?
A: No.

Q: I'm a student of Life. Can I still get the discount?
A: Good one, but sorry no, that's not an accredited institution.


Q: I just submitted the form and paid. Where's my license?
A: We have to approve of your application first! The payment you submitted is just a hold, and your account has not been officially charged. If we approve the order you will be charged, but the hold will be dropped if the application is denied. You'll receive an email after this with details on your status.
Additionally, you may find two statements in your account history after being approved; one is the hold and the other is the charge, but only the charge will affect your account balance.

Q: I got double-charged for this, can you refund me?
A: Double-check that double-charge! Same as explained above - it might just be the initial hold and the final charge. See if your account balance actually reflects two charges, or just one. Please let us know if you confirm that you've been charged twice.

Q: Do you offer other payment methods than PayPal?
A: Not at this time, unfortunately, but we're working on it!

Licensing & Activation

Q: Will my Soundtoys 5 Academic license expire when I graduate?
A: Nope! We don't keep track of that information either. The Soundtoys 5 Academic bundle is a full, non-expiring license with only one additional restriction - it cannot be sold or transferred to another user's account.

Q: Can I use a Soundtoys Academic license on commercial projects?
A: Yes! There are no restrictions on how you can use Soundtoys 5 Academic. You are welcome to purchase Soundtoys 5 Academic while you are a student and use the plug-ins to mix the next Grammy Award-winning record.

Q: Does Soundtoys 5 Academic come with two activations?
A: Absolutely! The license operates just like all other Soundtoys 5 license, with the only restriction that it cannot be transferred to another user's account.


Q: Help! I accidentally used the wrong iLok user ID and my license was deposited there! How can I get it back?
A: Contact the support team here and let them know your real iLok user ID, and if possible the user ID you used by accident.

Q: I didn't realize I had licenses in two separate iLok accounts, and I'm trying to move them all to one. Can I have my license moved in this case?
A: Sure, pretty much the same as the above answer - just give the support team both of the iLok user ID's in question.

Q: I keep getting a file upload limit reached error, how do I get around this?
A: It's best to make sure both of your documents are under 1 MB. They don't need to be high quality, just big enough to be legible. It might be best to take a screenshot of them and/or convert them to a JPEG image format.

Q: I submitted my application but got sent to a blank page, did it go through?
A: That doesn't sound good. Please make sure your documents are both under 1 MB like the answer above explains and try again. Contact support here if you still cannot reach a submission confirmation screen or get a submission confirmation email.

Q: I submitted my application, but it looks like the page just refreshed. Did it go through?
A: Same as above - check the file sizes and try again, but let us know here if you still can't get it working.

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