M1 Compatibility

Soundtoys 5 plug-ins have not been updated to run natively on Apple silicon computers, but they are compatible with them through Rosetta. Rosetta 2 is the Intel emulation framework that Apple introduced to allow Intel-based software to run on the M1 chip. 

When you open an Intel-based application for the first time on an Apple silicon computer, you will be asked to install Rosetta. You only have to do this once and then it will be available for all Intel-based applications.

Currently, most of our supported DAWs will automatically open using Rosetta, since they haven't been updated to run natively on Apple silicon computers. 

Using Soundtoys in DAWs with native M1 support

Logic Pro X, Garageband and Adobe Audition are all capable of running natively on Apple silicon, so if you are trying to use Soundtoys plug-ins in these DAWs you will need to manually set them to open using Rosetta.

a. To check this - find your DAW in your applications folder.
b. Right-click on it and click “Get Info”
c. In the info menu find the “Open Using Rosetta” option and check it off.

If you had previously opened Logic without Rosetta enabled, you may need to rescan for Soundtoys plug-ins. 

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