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How to use the Soundtoys Activation Window

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2019 02:08PM EDT
We are working on improving our activation experience, but at this time there are two ways you can receive a Soundtoys 5 license: automatic deposit and activation codes.
If you purchased an Academic bundle, got a License Replacement, got a License Transfer from a reseller, or purchased the license through a Third-Party Dealer and authorized your serial number (click here if you need help with that), then you can follow the instructions for automatic deposit.
If you purchased a plug-in from (since November 2018) then you should have gotten an activation code in your order confirmation email.
Double-check your email inbox or your PayPal email inbox if you're having trouble finding that, or contact our Support Team and include your email addresses/order number.

Activation Instructions

1. Download and install your plug-in(s) 
  • If you got an automatic deposit, you should be able to find the download link in your account
  • If you have an activation code, you can find the download link in your order confirmation email.
2. Open up your digital audio workstation (DAW)
3. Either during the scanning process or when you instantiate your plug-in an activation window will appear.
4. Click on the "Activate" button.
NOTE: If you click "Try" then you will get a demo license that will expire in 30 days and will get this activation window again. If you click "Quit", your DAW might blacklist the plugin, which you will have to fix by resetting your blacklist and rescanning the plugins.

  • If you received an activation code, then please skip to the "Activation Code" section.
  • If you got an automatic deposit, then you do not need to enter a code on this page.
5. Click "No" to continue.


6. Simply log into your account (not your account) and click "Next".


7. Select the license you would like to activate and click "Next".
NOTE: If you don't see any licenses, it could mean one of a few things. The most common two are if you ran out of activations (there are 2 total) or if you logged into the wrong account. Another problem could be if you installed the wrong plugin you don't have a license for. Contact Support if you need help with this.


8. Select the activation location you would like to use and click "Next".


9. Click "Continue" to finish and you should be ready to start using your plugin!


Activation Code

10. Copy and paste your 30-digit activation code into the first box, and it should automatically fill the rest. If this was done correctly, you should get a green check under each box as shown in this screenshot. Then click "Next".


11. Enter your email and then decide to use it with your account.
NOTE: Soundtoys does not receive this email address but rather PACE, the company that owns They do not put the email on a promotional email list, since that would be illegal without your explicit consent. This email will be used if there is any important info regarding your activation code, which is very unlikely.

NOTE: We highly recommend using an account with your activation code because it will give you control of your activations & deactivations as well as give you access to a second activation. If you register this without an account you will NOT be able to put it on a second computer.

If you choose to use an account, then you can go back to step 6.


Without an Account:

12. Choose "On my computer" by clicking the blue "Store" button. 

You're done! You should then see a page identical to the one above step 9.


If you are having any trouble with any of these steps, please contact the Soundtoys Support team and provide some relevant information (activation code, user ID, purchase email) so that we can help you!