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What about AAX DSP/TDM/UAD/DX/PowerCore/MAS/Reason Etc.?

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2015 03:58PM EDT
While we would love to support all those other things, each one takes a big chunk of time and, to be honest, we wanna make some cool new plug-ins. Yes, we know how many customers there are for each, and again, we’d love to be there, but come on, you want us to make some cool new plugs, right? Though we’re not ruling anything out right now. Wait, yes, we’re ruling out DX and MAS. Already covered with VST and AU.

We support VST, AU, and AAX Native (all come as 32 and 64-bit). 

As for TDM, the support ends at version 4, and with the release of version 5, there will be no new copies of TDM Effects V4 for sale. There's always eBay!