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How many computers can I use Soundtoys on?

Last Updated: Jan 16, 2019 04:45PM EST
If your Soundtoys version 5 license is registered to an iLok account, it will support activations on up to two devices at a time! A "device" is either a computer or a physical iLok USB key registered to the same iLok account as your license.

Please note that the second activation is intended for the same user. If you have multiple users running Soundtoys simultaneously, you should purchase a separate license for each user, per our license agreement. Click here for information on Soundtoys site licenses.
After meeting the pre-requisites of having your license in your iLok account, you can follow the activation instructions here to add the activation on your second device.

Two activations per license is a new feature we integrated into Soundtoys 5. If you have a license earlier than version 5, you only have one activation that must be used on a physical iLok USB key. If you are interested in upgrading your legacy license, you can check your Soundtoys account for your upgrade options.


If you used an activation code to set up your license, you might not have gotten it registered to your iLok account. If this has happened, you can use these instructions to fix that. 

If you're not sure if you have your license in your iLok account or if you're having trouble with this, please submit a support ticket and provide your activation code so we can help you out.