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Soundtoys 5 Free Trial Instructions

Last Updated: Nov 22, 2016 05:56PM EST
You can try Soundtoys 5 for FREE for 30 days! You will need a free iLok account*, but iLok USB keys are NOT required.

1. Visit and fill out the form.
2. Check your email and follow the link to the download page
3. Download the correct version for your computer.
4. Run the installer (Windows users MUST check the box to install the iLok License Manager)
5. Open your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
6. Click "Try" in the Soundtoys Activation Window and then enter your iLok account details.*
7. Use the plug-ins!

IMPORTANT NOTE! Any sessions saved with Soundtoys 5 cannot be loaded with previous versions of Soundtoys installed. Be sure to try out Soundtoys on duplicated sessions in case you decide not to upgrade right away.

*How to create a free iLok account:
1. Visit
2. Click "Create Free Account"
4. Fill out the form, click submit.
5. Go to your email inbox to confirm your new iLok account