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How do I transfer my Soundtoys plugins to a new computer or iLok device?

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2019 05:37PM EST
Just got a new computer (or iLok USB key) and looking to retire your old one? No problem! The biggest thing you'll have to worry about when transferring your Soundtoys plugins is deactivating your licenses which can be done in the iLok License Manager.

1. Open up and log into the iLok License Manager app on your computer (not the website).
2. Under your username, you'll see an area labeled "Local" with names of devices. Click on the top device, the current computer, to see the activations you have on there.
3. Simply highlight all the licenses, right-click one of them, and choose "Deactivate".
4. After confirming that, you'll have a set of activations available for your new device.
5. On your new computer, download and install the latest version of your Soundtoys purchases. You can find these download links in your iLok account.
6. Follow these activation instructions, and you'll be finished!

You might also have some user presets you'd like to save. You can get to the preset folder easily through one of the plugins (Open Preset Menu, click "Organize"), but you'll have to navigate there manually if you've already deactivated everything. If that's the case, you can find the correct folder for your system in this article:

Once you have the preset folder open, you can see that there's a folder for each plugin, and a "User" folder in each of those with your presets in there. The easiest way to back them up is to probably just back up the whole "Soundtoys 5" preset folder with everything included. On your new computer after you install the plugins, you can move this over to the fresh preset folder and replace or skip duplicate files.

Did the unexpected happen to your old computer? Or did you just simply forget to deactivate it before getting rid of it? Please submit a support ticket and provide your iLok user ID and the name of the device you need to be deactivated if you have this problem.