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How much space does Soundtoys 5 take up?

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2019 06:28PM EST
The following table provides the installation size specifications for the Soundtoys 5 bundle. At the moment, we do not support custom installations, but if you want to save space and don't use Pro Tools for example, feel free to delete the installed AAX files. You can find the paths of everything installed in this article.



    Windows 64-bit
    Windows 32-bit
  2.29 GB
965.01 MB
957.58 MB
  890.8 MB
603 MB
584 MB
  898.9 MB
607 MB
588 MB
  897.4 MB
  6.4 MB
10.9 MB
10.9 MB
*Additional Files:
  369 KB
120 MB
99.7 MB
iLok Software:
  126.2 MB
164 MB
160 MB
Total Installation:
  2.82 GB
1.51 GB
1.44 GB
Total Space Needed:
  5.2 GB
2.5 GB
2.5 GB

 * Additional Files refer to the uninstaller, the ReadMe, License Agreement, the CopyV4Presets script, and manuals.
On Mac, these are found in the "Soundtoys" folder in your "Applications" folder.
On Windows, these are found in the "Soundtoys" folder in your "C:\Program Files\" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\" folder.

 iLok software is required to run Soundtoys 5 whether or not you have an iLok account. This refers to both drivers and the iLok License Manager application.

Total Space Needed refers to the total installation size, plus the installer size. If you have less than this space available on your computer, you will have to clear some space before you're able to install Soundtoys 5.