Re-registering your dealer issued 10-digit serial number

If your license isn't showing up on your Soundtoys account, and you purchased it from a third-party dealer, it may be necessary to re-register the 10-digit serial number you received to your Soundtoys account. You can do this under the Dealer Purchases tab on your Soundtoys account. 

  1.  Log-in to your Soundtoys account
  2. Click the Dealer Purchases tab
  3. Enter your 10-digit serial number to re-register your license to your account

You're done! If you receive an error message when re-registering, please contact support. 

Note: This process will only work for dealer issued 10-digit serial numbers. Please contact support if you received a 10-digit serial number from an Academic or Upgrade order, but you aren't seeing your license in your account.

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