Activating on a second computer

First Steps

Since the release of Soundtoys 5, users have been able to run Soundtoys plug-ins on two computers simultaneously. In order to take advantage of this feature, we require the following:

  • Your license version cannot be older than version 5.
  • Your licenses must be registered to a free account.

If your licenses are correctly registered to your iLok account, you should be able to locate the installers by logging in to your Soundtoys account. After downloading and installing Soundtoys on your second computer, there are two methods for activation: 


If you've purchased and activated a Soundtoys license, but you can't find it in your iLok account, this guide can help you fix that.

If you own Soundtoys, but you have not created an iLok account, you can create one here. After creating your iLok account, follow this guide to register your Soundtoys licenses to that new account.

If you just purchased Soundtoys and haven't used your first activation yet, you can check out our activation guide here.

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