Who needs an iLok.com account?

Since June 2022, iLok.com accounts are no longer required to purchase and activate Soundtoys plug-ins. With our new system, all newly purchased Soundtoys products can be activated with an Activation Code and no iLok.com account. This now includes upgrade orders, EDU orders, and purchases made through a third-party dealer. We do still include the iLok software in the Soundtoys installer, since Activation Codes still use the iLok software for licensing. 

Adding a license to an iLok.com account will get you a few benefits, including license management (being able to move it between computers and iLok USB keys, as well as license retrieval in the event of a theft or damage to your computer), and a second available activation.

If you don't have an iLok.com account but you would like to take advantage of the license management features that iLok offers, you can create an iLok.com account for free. You can activate your licenses from your iLok.com account to your iLok USB key or computer using the activation prompt that you see when you start your DAW after installing Soundtoys plug-ins, or using the iLok License Manager application on your computer.

Please refer to this quick start guide for additional license related help.

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