How do I authorize plug-ins bought from a dealer?

First Steps

In order to register a purchase from a third-party dealer (such as Sweetwater or Plugin Boutique), you will need a Soundtoys account and a free account. 

Note: make sure to enter your new iLok username in the iLok User ID field when you create your Soundtoys account - doing so will allow you to access the installers after registering your new purchase. 

Authorization Instructions

After making sure you've successfully created your new Soundtoys account and properly linked your iLok account, you can register your purchase by following these three steps:

  1. When purchasing from a third-party website, you should have received a confirmation email from the dealer you purchased from. That email will contain a 10-digit serial number which you will use to authorize your purchase - make sure you've located that serial number before moving on. 
  2. Next, visit to fill out the registration form. You can also get to that page by clicking the "Authorize a Dealer Purchase" link in your Soundtoys account.
  3. Enter the 10-digit serial number, as well as your Soundtoys and iLok account information. Make sure to enter the username you use to log in to your iLok account in the iLok ID field. Click Authorize to deposit the license directly to your iLok account. You're done!

Next Steps: Now that you've authorized your purchases, you can locate the installers in your Soundtoys account. Once you've downloaded and installed your plug-ins, follow this guide for instructions on getting your licenses activated.

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