Why aren't my licenses in my iLok.com account?

Since the release of Soundtoys 5.3, newly purchased licenses are not automatically deposited to your iLok account. Instead, you receive an activation code, which you can use to register your purchase to your iLok.com account, or you can choose to activate directly on your computer without an iLok account. 

Registering your products to an iLok account will allow you access to a few benefits:

  • A custom discount on an upgrade to Soundtoys 5
  • Activate your plug-ins on two computers simultaneously
  • Manage your licenses by moving your activations between your computers
  • Access the latest installers directly from your Soundtoys account

If you'd like to register your products to an iLok.com account, but you've already used your activation code on your computer, you can learn how to register your Soundtoys licenses to your iLok account here.

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