License Deactivation in the iLok License Manager

Soundtoys licenses can only support two activations at a time, but you can deactivate machines if they're not in use to free up an activation. License deactivation can only be done through the iLok License Manager using the same computer that has the activation in question. 

If you have Soundtoys installed, you should have the iLok License Manager already installed on your computer. On macOS, you can find it in your "Applications" folder, and on Windows by searching for it in the Start Menu. If you still can't find the iLok License Manager on the computer, you can download the installer for it from the official website.

NOTE: You CANNOT use the website for this. The following steps must be followed using the iLok License Manager application.

  1. Open the iLok License Manager and log into your account.
  2. Click on the location at the top of the Local list. The will always be the computer you're currently using. This will show you all of the license activations that are on the current location.

    Figure 1: Viewing the license activations in the "soundtoys's Mac mini" location.

  3. Right-click the license you want to deactivate to show the action menu that contains Deactivate. You can even select multiple licenses first and right-click the selection to bulk deactivate.

    Figure 2: The menu that appears after right-clicking a license.

  4. It will ask for a confirmation, so press OK to complete the deactivation.

    Figure 3: The confirmation windows.

  5. The license will have disappeared from the location's license activation list. It will still be under your account, which you can view by clicking your user ID in the top left (in this example it would be "soundtoystest2").

    Figure 4: The location is now empty - there are no license activations in use.

    You can click on other locations in the "Local" list to see what computers hold activations for other licenses in your account. Unfortunately, you cannot make any changes to these activations unless you use that computer/location. If the location is inaccessible, then you can request the activations to be reset by contacting the Support Team. Please let us know your account user ID, email address, the licenses that need to be reset, and the location name and ID. The location ID as shown in the photo below is the best way for the Support Team to know which location you need reset.

    Figure 5: Viewing details on a different location than the current computer.

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