License Activation with the iLok License Manager

There are a couple of ways to activate Soundtoys licenses. This article provides instructions for activation using the iLok License Manager.

If you have Soundtoys installed, you should have the iLok License Manager already installed on your computer. On macOS, you can find it in your "Applications" folder, and on Windows by searching for it in the Start Menu. If you still can't find the iLok License Manager on the computer, you can download the installer for it from the official website.

NOTE: You CANNOT use the website for this. These steps must be followed using the iLok License Manager application.

Launch the iLok License Manager application and sign in to your account.

To make sure you can see all of your licenses, first click on your user name so that it highlights in light blue, and click "All Licenses" at the top. You could also click "Available Licenses" which only shows licenses that have an activation available.

Figure 1: Viewing all of the licenses
in your iLok account.

Right-click the license to show the activation menu, and click  Activate. You can also click the license and then drag it over to the location you want to activate in the Local list. Furthermore, you can activate in bulk by selecting multiple licenses and performing the activation on the whole selection.

Figure 2: The action menu when you right-click a license.

If you used the right-click method, you will now have a window where you can choose your activation location. You can put an activation directly on the computer you're using or on an iLok USB stick if you have one registered to your account and inserted into the computer.

Figure 3: Selecting a location for the activation after using the right-click then Activate method.

Confirm your activation by pressing OK.

Figure 4: Activation confirmation dialog.

Open your DAW and make some music!

Here are some animations that show both methods of activation within the iLok License Manager.

Figure 5: Activation process using the right-click and Activate method.

Figure 6: Activation using the drag & drop method.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I activate the license on more than one computer?
A: Yes, we currently allow up to two activations per license. You can see how many you have left in the "Activation" column in the iLok License Manager.

Q: Why does my license say "Locked Group"?
A: This just means your license is a "license group" - there are multiple license bundled into one which can not be broken up for individual activation.

Q: What do I do if I have an activation on a computer I can't access anymore?
A: Contact the support team here. Please provide your iLok user ID or email address and the name of the computer (or location ID, found in the location's details) you need reset.

Q: Do you support offline activations?
A: Our licenses can be used offline, but you will need internet access to create the activation. You can temporarily connect to the internet, activate the computer, and then go offline. Or if you have an iLok USB key, you can place your activation on that with a online computer, then insert it into your offline computer.

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