Redeeming an Activation Code

This article shows you how to turn your 30-digit activation code into a real license for Soundtoys product authorization! This will ONLY apply to you when using the activation code the first time.

NOTE: If you had previously used your code, but have lost your activation somehow and need to use it again, please submit a support ticket for help and include your activation code.

Important Information

If you have an iLok account, we highly recommend redeeming your code with the iLok License Manager, directly to your account. This gives you full control over your activations, a second activation to use, access to your installers in your Soundtoys account, and upgrade discounts if they apply to your products. accounts are free to create and use, and you can get one here.

iLok License Manager

  1. Open the iLok License Manager and sign in to your iLok account. 
  2. Open up the Licenses menu and click the Redeem Activation Code option. If you are on macOS, the menu bar is on the very top of your screen. On Windows, the Licenses menu is at the top of the License Manager window.
  3. Copy your activation code and paste it in the first box, then press Next to submit it.
  4. Now you can select an activation location for your license. The first one only registers it to your account while the others register it to your account AND activates that location. When you select the one you want, click Redeem.
  5. Finished! If you selected a location to activate, you will be all set to start using the Soundtoys plugins.

This animation sums up the iLok License Manager method of activation code redemption.

Activation Window (in your DAW)

  1. Open up your DAW. You may get the Activation Window pop up here, or you may have to try to insert a Soundtoys plugin on a track. If you still can't get the pop-up window, this guide might be able to help you.
  2. In the Activation Window, press the Activate button. If you press Try, you'll get a demo license, and if you press Quit, your DAW may blacklist the plugins. The guide linked in the above step might help you reset your blacklist if you run into that problem.
  3. Copy your activation code and paste it in the first box, then press Next to submit it.
  4. Next, you will enter your email address. This is only used for associating with your activation code redemption, and not for advertisement purposes. We highly recommend checking "Register with my existing account" so that you get the full benefits of the iLok License.
  5. Finish up by choosing the location you'd like to put the activation on.

This animation sums up the Activation Window method of Activation Code redemption.

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