Manually Installing Presets

Through the Organize function in the preset menu of any of our plug-ins, you can easily drag in a folder of presets or load individual preset files. You can also create your own subfolders for your User presets, and if you make copies of your presets on one computer, you'll be able to load and sort your creations across your workstations.

This guide details how to load the free Reverse and Gates presets for EchoBoy 5, but you can use the same steps to load copies of your original user presets. There are additional steps at the bottom for information on replacing or adding to an entire Soundtoys 5 preset installation. You can find the downloads for these preset packs at the bottom of this article.

We’ve used screenshots from macOS, but this method is cross-platform, so the same steps apply on Windows.

1. Once you've downloaded the .zip file, extract the Reverse and Gates folder to whatever location you'd like.

2. Open your DAW and insert EchoBoy on a track. Navigate to the preset menu of EchoBoy and choose the Organize option.

3. A new window will open. Drag the Reverse and Gates folder to the User folder inside that window.

4. Close that window, then remove EchoBoy from the track to refresh the preset menu. Reinsert EchoBoy on the track, open the preset browser, and navigate to the User folder to see your new presets.

Further Information

After pressing the "Organize" button taking you to the plugin's preset location, you can access the presets for all of the Soundtoys plugins easily. 

  • On macOS, you can open the Go menu in Finder and press the Show Enclosing Folder option, or you can press the key combo Cmd + Up Arrow.
  • On Windows, click the Up Arrow icon directly to the left of the File Explorer address bar, or you can press the key combo Alt + Up Arrow.

Doing this once will take you to the Soundtoys 5 preset root folder, showing all plugin preset locations. The additional folders ShapeRhythms, StepRhythms, and WaveShapes are the presets for the rhythm mode in various Soundtoys plugins.

Doing that twice will take you to a folder called Soundtoys containing a folder called Soundtoys 5. This is where you'll want to go if you want to back up all of your presets. The easiest way is to zip the Soundtoys 5 folder and copy it to a secure location. 

If you need to replace your entire preset installation, in case they accidentally get deleted or don't get migrated in a data transfer, you'll just need to make sure a proper Soundtoys 5 folder is in there, with the proper folder structure. The factory preset downloads on this page contain the Soundtoys 5 folder, so all you have to do is drag that into this parent Soundtoys folder, and confirm if it asks to replace or merge the folders.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At this time we currently do not support custom preset installations. They must be installed in this default location for the plugin to be able to find them and use them securely. Symbolic folder linking does not work and can cause your DAW to crash if you try to write a preset into one.


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