License Transfers

Our new user account system relies on purchase records from our web store and from our authorized dealers to determine ownership of a license. 

When a Soundtoys license is sold or transferred by a 3rd party, our license records need to be updated so that the license can be registered to the new owner.

In order to protect the original owner as well as prevent the sale of fraudulent or stolen licenses we also need to verify that the original owner obtained the license legitimately, and has given permission to transfer the license to the new owner.

We are currently working on a way to allow customers to manage license transfers. This will take some time for us to implement. In the meantime, if you purchased a Soundtoys license second-hand from an unauthorized seller and are not seeing the license on your Soundtoys account, please contact us and provide the following information and we will do our best to transfer the license registration for you:

  1. iLok user ID of the seller
  2. Email address of the seller
  3. Name of the seller
  4. Your email address and iLok user ID
  5. The 10-digit license code (if you have it)

We strongly encourage you to purchase from our website or an authorized reseller, as this is the best way to know that you have purchased a legitimate Soundtoys license.

We will not offer support or allow upgrades on fraudulently obtained or stolen licenses. 

If you purchased from an unauthorized seller and are in need of an installer, you can download it here

Also, please read carefully the terms and conditions of our end user license agreement (EULA) if you are at all uncertain about what it means to have a license to use our software. Here is the section on license transfers which has remained unchanged for well over a decade:

You may not transfer this software license to any third party, except with the express written consent of Soundtoys, Inc. Soundtoys reserves all rights to deny any requests for the transfer of this license, and may institute transfer fees and policies as it sees fit at the time of any request for the transfer of this license.
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