How Are Upgrade Prices Calculated?

If you already own licenses for Soundtoys products, then you are eligible to upgrade to the Soundtoys 5 bundle! When you upgrade, your individual licenses are traded in, and you receive the Soundtoys 5 Bundle at a discounted price.

With the introduction of our new account system, our formula to calculate the cost of an upgrade to the Soundtoys 5 bundle has changed slightly. The retail value of the licenses you own is factored into the combined retail sum of the products in the bundle to create your discounted upgrade price. Because of this, each user’s upgrade price will vary depending on how many licenses they have, as well as the retail value of those licenses.

If you purchased any licenses from one of our official dealers, but you aren't seeing all of your licenses in your Soundtoys account, you can follow the steps on this page to troubleshoot that.

If you've purchased Soundtoys products on our website, but you aren't seeing those licenses in your Soundtoys account, you may have made one or more of those purchases using a different email address. Please check your records, then contact our Support Team and let them know all the email addresses you've used to purchase Soundtoys in the past.

If your upgrade price looks incorrect for any other reason, open a Support Ticket so our team can take a look and help you out!

A Note On Effect Rack

Since the plug-ins contained within Effect Rack cannot be instanced outside of the Rack as individual inserts, Effect Rack is still considered a single plug-in. As such, its upgrade discount percentage reflects that status as an individual product.
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