Find your best offer to get SuperPlate and/or Soundtoys 5.4

This article references limited introductory pricing that is valid thru June 14, 2023.

If you own the Soundtoys 5 bundle, you have a special price to upgrade:

  • Thru June 14 you can upgrade to Soundtoys V5.4 for $29 (reg. $59). Log in to your user account to upgrade.
  • If you’re not ready for SuperPlate, there is a free update that contains all other improvements we’ve made to the bundle but does not include the new SuperPlate plug-in (see our release log for details). Log in to your user account to update for free.

If you own the Effect Rack plug-in, but not the full bundle:

You can add SuperPlate to your Effect Rack when you purchase a SuperPlate license for $79 (reg. $149).

  • First, log-in to your Soundtoys user account and download the 5.4 update for Effect Rack.
  • Once you’ve updated, you’ll see SuperPlate in your Effect Rack – you cannot use it until you purchase a license. Your Effect Rack plug-in will guide your through that process. It’s easy!

If you own Little Plate:

Little Plate users can upgrade to SuperPlate at a reduced price, too. Plus, because Little Plate is included with SuperPlate licenses, you can keep your Little Plate plug-in when you trade up! Log in to your user account to see your upgrade offer.

  • If you bought your Little Plate plug-in, you have a special $29 (reg. $59) price to upgrade to SuperPlate
  • If you received Little Plate as a free gift during a promotion, you may upgrade to SuperPlate for $39 (reg. $79)

If you own some Soundtoys plug-ins, but want it ALL:

Save 40% on your upgrade to Soundtoys 5.4 thru June 14 and get the whole Soundtoys collection of 22 plug-ins, including the new SuperPlate. Learn more about the Soundtoys 5.4 bundle. Log in to your user account to see your upgrade offers.

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