How to Drag and Drop Presets into a Plug-in

If you want to quickly open a Soundtoys preset someone has sent you without hunting around for a preset folder on your hard drive, there's a neat little shortcut for that:

  1. Open the plug-in in your favorite audio host. 
  2. Drag a preset onto the plug-in. It will load the settings from that preset instantly. 
  3. Make any tweaks you like. Enjoy!

Saving the preset to your library

Want to save those settings for later? Just make any changes you want, then do the following:

  1. Click the Save button (floppy disk icon in the plug-in's top menu).
  2. Select Save As... from the dropdown menu. 
  3. Choose a clever name for your preset and hit Save

Your new preset will now be available in the User folder in the plug-in's preset browser. 

Sharing a preset

You can also send a single preset to a friend or collaborator easily:

  1. Click the Save button (floppy disk icon in the plug-in's top menu).
  2. Choose Organize... from the drop down menu. This will open your presets folder in the Windows or Mac file browser.
  3. Open the User folder and drag or copy the preset you want to share.
  4. Attach the preset file to an email or share it via Dropbox, Google Drive or your favorite file sharing service.
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