Digital Performer Plug-in Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble getting Soundtoys plug-ins to show up in Digital Performer's plug-in menus, we can fix this in DP's Audio Plug-In Preferences. You can open the Preferences window through the main menu as shown below:

Then, select Audio Plug-ins in the General section.

A list of the plugins installed on your computer will appear. Although you cannot search by vendor, you can search by the plugin name, or just scroll through the list to find the ones not working. It will say Failed in the second column, as shown in the example below.

When you select the plugin (meaning the whole row is highlighted in blue), you will be able to click the Reexamine button, which will start the plugin scan. This may bring up an activation pop up window, and this guide can help if you need help with it.

If you Cmd + Click and select all of the Failed plugins in the full list (without searching) you can simply click Reexamine once. If you have a bundle license, you will only need to activate it once as well.

If it's successful, it should report No problems were found and you can click Done on the Preferences window and load the plugin onto a track.

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