Why aren't my licenses on my Soundtoys account?

If you recently logged in to your account, you may have noticed that you're missing some installers, or that your upgrade price doesn't include all of your licenses. There are several common scenarios which could result in your Soundtoys products not showing up on your Soundtoys account in our new system. 

  1. You purchased your license from another Soundtoys user, and the original Soundtoys license has not been added to your Soundtoys account yet. In this case, you'll need to write in for support. You can refer to this FAQ article for information on this.
  2. You purchased your license from a third-party dealer and received a 10-digit serial number which needs to be re-registered to your Soundtoys account. This FAQ Article has a full explanation of this issue and how to fix it. 
  3. You completed your purchase with a different email address than the one you are currently using. In this case, you will need to write in to have your accounts merged. Make sure to provide both email addresses in your support request and be clear about which email address you would like to use going forward.  

If you don't fall into one of the above categories and still feel like you're missing a plug-in you should be seeing on your Soundtoys account, please submit a support ticket and provide as much information as possible. We'll do our best to track your license down and fix the registration, so it shows up on your account and counts toward your upgrade. 

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